Due to health concerns and the response of many locations that have hosted us, many meetings have moved to phone meetings. Some groups are beginning to meet in person again, though online meetings will likely continue.

You can request additional information from the phone number or email listed at the “Contact Us” link above.

Phone Meeting Etiquette

  • Try and call in 5 minutes early to give the facilitator time to get everyone’s names.
  • Please keep your phone’s microphone muted when you are not speaking to avoid contributing any background noise to the call.
  • During any parts of the meeting that would normally be said aloud together, leave your phone on mute while participating.
  • If you call into a meeting and no one else is on the line yet, simply wait for others to join.

Meeting List

This online meeting list is provided as a convenience to local SA members who are already attending meetings. It is password-protected to protect members’ anonymity. If you are interested in attending a meeting for the first time, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Meeting list: